Friday, 11 April 2014

Cure Depression with Meditation

Meditation can help manage depression when practiced daily. According to medical experts, a ten minute session on a daily basis gives us a greater sense of control over our thoughts, our emotions, and our lives. Even if you are currently taking a prescription to help with depression, meditation can be a powerful tool for overcoming the condition.

Meditation helps with depression by focusing our minds to stop attaching to negative thoughts and emotions. When we meditate, we learn to relax and let thoughts drift in and out without feeling the need to identify with one specific thought and emotion. This exercise lets us see that all problems, thoughts and emotions are ever-changing, coming and going.
Meditation has also been able to create happiness in the mind by stimulating certain parts of the brain. Studies have shown people whose brains showed the most happiness were monks and highly experienced meditators. Meditation creates calm, love, and serenity in the brain, combating depression and negative thoughts.

Cure Depression with Meditation

Compassion created in the mind during meditation also creates happiness with the aim to develop love for others, wishing them peace. These happy thoughts towards others cultivate a sense of well-being in our minds that causes depression to disappear. The longer we practice regular meditation, the happier we become.

It would great for you if you can practice this once a day for 20-30 minutes. You know, nobody can guarantee that you will beat depression with meditation only, but be sure that you can have amazing results if you practice it regularly.

Meditation for depression will get you away from your tensions. It is not escapism, but a simple and effective way not to allow symptoms of depression to control you. The point is you to have back the control over your life.

Never get discouraged, never loss your will to help yourself. After few months (and sometimes even after few weeks) of disciplined and proper meditation for depression, you will again feel the beauty of life. You deserved it.

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